Deck Darkstar Joe King R7 8.25"


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59,90 €

Darkstar has been an iconic name for innovative product technologies for over fifteen years. Originally a skateboard wheel company, Darkstar has expanded its product line to include skateboards and retail. Made of 7 ply maple and epoxy resin, Darkstar skateboard decks are stronger than industry standards. Their detailed designs feature images such as skulls, snakes, and the iconic armored knight logo. You are sure to make a statement with one of their skateboard decks! If you want to avoid the hassle of putting a board together, then Darkstar has you covered. Their pre-assembled boards are ready to use, so you can start riding as soon as they’re delivered to your door! Darkstar complete skateboards include a deck, trucks, bearings, and wheels. Designed by Darkstar pro skaters, you know you’re getting a first-rate product from the best skating pros in the industry! Whether you are skateboarding for the first time or looking to improve your skills, Darkstar skateboards will take your riding to all new levels! Match your skateboard deck with a set of Darkstar skateboard wheels. Their high performance wheels allow you to board harder and faster, with the control and discipline of a professional. Complete your skater image with a Darkstar skateboard t-shirt. Simple and classic, their t-shirts display their brand name prominently across the front. Separate yourself from the rest with Darkstar!

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