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Supra x Dolly Noire Vaider CW Purple

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Supra was launched in 2006,[3] bringing on Professional Skateboarders Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Tom Penny, Chad Muska, and Dennis Martin to build upon this legendary lineup. The brand released a 260-page coffee table book in December 2012 that documents its history of the company since inception. In an interview for the book's promotion, Ellington stated "It's amazing to see something be so successful that easily could've gone the other way. I feel blessed, honored and I'm humbled. It's something I'm really proud to be a part of." In addition to serving as a catalog of the brand's products, the book also features the brand's team riders and collaborations, including those with artists such as Jay-Z.[4]

Supra Footwear was purchased by KSGB, Inc. in June 2015, and became part of Kswiss Global Brands, E Land from South Korea is the parent company. In 2018 Steve Harden former executive leader with adidas and Oakley was recruited to relaunch and restructure the Global Supra & KR3W brands. Harden states, "we are on pace to regain the leader of the global independent footwear branded business. We will gain this lead position through creating the intersection of skate and street style by, recreating the unique and iconic Hightop model (Skytop, Vaider, Breaker) and Collaborating with iconic global brands and do all of this with unexpected materials and color. Recreating what made Supra special from 2007-2012."

On January 31, 2013, Video Director Dennis Martin[5] created a promotional video[6] for Greco's second signature shoe, "The Hammer", was published on the Internet;[7] Greco's first signature model was named "The Soprano".[8] Greco explained, in relation to the "Hammer", "“I wanted to make a super simple looking shoe. There’s a million shoes out there that are simple, but I really wanted that fusion of vulcanized and cup sole because I like the feel of the vulc, but I like the impact absorbing features of the cup sole." and the shoe's design was promoted as "a high performance, lightweight, low top skate shoe. The upper has a short eye stay, a long vamp, and minimal branding.

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